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Tino Mamić

graduated in history and journalism,

a professional genealogist and

a forensic genealogist and an officially recognized genealogy expert witness in Slovenia

Mojca Strmšek Mamić

graduated in economy

a professional genealogist

Tino Mamić graduated in history and journalism from the University of Ljubljana, which has the longest tradition and the highest academic reputation in Slovenia. Tino has over twenty years of experience in genealogical and historical research, and he is one of only three officially recognized forensic genealogists and expert witness in the entire country. He is a member of the Council of the Pokrajinski arhiv Koper, the main regional archives.

Tino started his own genealogy business in 1999. He has conducted research in many different archives of Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria. Due to his extensive knowledge and experience, clients can be assured that Tino’s work is completed thoroughly, accurately and within reasonable timescales which means that you will receive a highly reliable service and excellent value for money. Many years of practice has provided Tino with an extensive general knowledge about the origin of surnames, and a tried and tested methodology for tracing family ancestry.

Tino is a member of the Slovenian Genealogy Society (SRD) and editor-in-chief of its genealogy journal “Drevesa”, and he is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). Dozens of his articles about genealogy and recent history were published in several national journals, newspapers and online portals. To date he has published four books, including one publication which is about the origin, meaning and history of family names. Another book researches the past of his hometown in the Vipava Valley, providing a detailed insight of local history and genealogical family relations. Tino has also written over twenty custom made publications for clients which present the details of their family history.

Tino has experience with using a wide range of reference sources, including parish records, land registers, local authority registers, census surveys and orphanage documents. This breadth of knowledge can be particularly useful where parish registers are ruined or lost, which is sometimes the case. He is also experienced in conducting research in Primorska and Istria where sources are split across three countries (Italy, Slovenia and Croatia). His research is always completed in accordance with proven reliable methods, which means that clients can always trust the accuracy of his work.

Tino Mamić was born in Šempeter pri Gorici (1972), and grew up in the town of Šturje near Ajdovščina. He graduated from secondary school in Vipava. His father is Ivan Mamić who originated from Imotski, a market town located in the region of Dalmatia in Croatia. His mother is Neža Bratina, born in Stomaž, a small village in the Vipava valley in Slovenia.

It is perhaps Tino’s own family background which ignited his passion for tracing family roots and developing his fascination with history more generally. His own multi-ethnic family origins appear to have shaped his special interest for researching family histories with a cross border dynamic. And on a more personal level, an equal loving relationship with both Slovene and Croatian people, language, culture and history.

Tino’s family lives in Slovenia near the city of Koper on the Slovenian coast. He has one brother and he is happily married to Mojca Strmšek with five children.