Welcome! If you are looking for your ancestors from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy or Austria, we are here to help you.

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What do I need for the beginning of the research?

It is preferable to start our research on the basis of one or more documents that you can provide please. These might include photographs from official records such as registered births, deaths and marriages, known addresses, photographs of houses or any other useful details. We would especially require information which dates beyond 100 years because of current Slovenian law restrictions.

Can we start the research even if we have no documents?

Yes, we can start the research without it. However, we would prefer to avoid starting our research with the wrong information, which can lead to unnecessarily prolonging our research time and higher costs.

What if we cannot complete the research as we agreed, do we lower the price?

If we agree with you to search for a longer period but we find out that we cannot continue with the work due to a lack of sources, we will reduce the price accordingly.

How much does it cost?

It is very important to know the precise objectives of our research and that you provide us with the most reliable data you have available about your family history. This way, we can avoid pursuing any “red herrings” which end up wasting valuable time and adding to the costs of our work. In order to control the costs of our research as best as possible, we would recommend that you:

1) set a limit on the total amount of research time or

2) provide us with a budget which we can work with. In the case of longer timescale projects where we agree to provide specific results with a realistic budget, we will deliver on our promises at no extra cost even if the actual amount of time spent exceeds our estimation, within reason of course.