Dobrodošli na naši strani, kjer Vam bomo pomagali odkriti svet Vaših daljnih prednikov.

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It is our pleasure to offer you a professional genealogical research service, and we are at your disposal to prepare an individual offer for your consideration.

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Družinska drevesa, raziskovanja
Mojca Strmšek Mamić, s.p.
Manžan 37a
SI-6000 Koper

Tax No: 42606071

Register No: 17102812

IBAN SI56 3000-0002-9477-172 (Sberbank, d.d.)

We accept payments by bank transfer and through PayPal.

Further details of our payment terms will be made available at the time of confirming your service requirements.

Please contact us, we will be delighted to receive your enquiry and your initial consultation is free of charge.

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