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Family tree wall picture

Family trees provide are a huge amount of pride for many families. Therefore, one might say that it is a pity if it stays hidden in a drawer. We can create a family tree wall picture for you which presents your family relations and ancestry in an attractive format which is easy to follow. Making it is easy to understand how you are related to other members of the family. We can do it in a simple form or in an illustrated form with photographs, every family tree is unique. The usual size is 50 cm x 70 cm (19.68 x 27.56 inches) and can be printed with multiple copies.


The fee for the simple format is 199 euro.

The fee for the illustrated format is 299 euro.

Extra copies are available for 10 euro per piece.

If you would like photography in the background the fee is 50 euro.

Simple format

Illustrated format

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