Welcome! If you are looking for your ancestors from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy or Austria, we are here to help you.

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Genealogy research

Every completed research project is accompanied with a certificate which guarantees that our work is done thoroughly and accurately, meeting professional standards. This certificate states that the research was completed by an officially recognised Forensic Genealogist and Expert Witness.

Basic research

  • We check the availability of sources and where these are located.
  • We prepare a research plan.
  • We search for your ancestor and his/her parents. Our searches typically also find siblings and grandparents.
  • We create a simple family tree with around a dozen names.

Fee: 199 euro
Mileage: 0,40 euro/km
(if needed to complete research)

Extended research

  • We can continue the research for you.
  • We search for your ancestors and relatives over a set timeline, and with an agreed budget / number of hours of extra work.
  • Usually we find three to four generations in a hundred years.

Fee: 30 euro per hour
Mileage: 0,40 euro/km
(if needed to complete research)

Research reports

These reports provide:

a list of your ancestors and their children by generations and graphical schemas, for an easier presentation of relationships, especially for example where names are changed. Pdf report example or image file.

a research calendar is included and this provides a list of all of the sources we have checked and a timetable of the work.

a summary of recommendations for future research possibilities.


Please note that our reports are provided electronically. Hardcopies are available for additional fee.

Fee: 30 euro per hour

Digital images

We can provide images of birth, marriage, death or any other records.

Fee: 4 euro per image

Translating old documents

Original documents can be written in Latin, Italian, German Gothic alphabet or Cyrillic alphabet. We can translate these for you.

Fee: 50 euro per hour

Producing gedcom

If your family tree is already done and you would like to transform your data to a digital form, we can do it for you.

Fee: 30 euro per hour.

Family tree wall picture