Welcome! If you are looking for your ancestors from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy or Austria, we are here to help you.

Tino Mamić is a graduate of history and journalism, and has over 20 years of experience in genealogy. He is a forensic genealogist and an officially recognized genealogy expert witness in Slovenia. His team of dedicated professionals provides many services including genealogical research, creating family tree wall pictures, writing family books, surname explanation, searching for heirs, and studying the history of locations and companies.

Please contact us, we will be delighted to receive your enquiry and your initial consultation is free of charge.

We speak: SL, EN, HR, IT, FR

Genealogy research

We reearch for your ancestors. Usually we find three to four generations in a hundred years.

Family tree illustrations

Many families pride, it presents your family relations in an attractive format.

Family books

Your family tree, enriched with stories and images.

Surname origin and meaning

When and where it appears for the first time? How it was generated and its meaning?

Searching for heirs and relatives

The research is performed by an officially recognised Forensic Genealogist and Expert Witness.

Location or Company history

We can research history of a town or company.

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